Albert Wilhelm * Der Betten-Bär * Gladbeck * Heilpraktiker




vers. 1.05  made responsive

vers. 1.04  updated style.css which fixes displayproblem on small devices

vers. 1.03  updated .htaccess (now works with Apache 2.4 as well
                  Module "weekday" calculated wrong average (/8 instead of /7)
                  some bugs fixed, now it runs without java as well
                  updated list of known browsers and operating systems (win 8, win10)
                  default countergrafic ist bigger now
                  default password is "pass" (same as in cristosoft-version)

vers. 1.02  update if vers. 1.01 dos not run:
                  replaced analyse.php, inserted "error_reporting(0);" into stat.php

vers. 1.01  safety-update: "stronger" .htaccess in  /plugins/crazystat/stat/usr 

vers. 1.0    Release

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